Iran Europe Business Center( IEBC) opened up in Berlin- Germany, on May 2016 with the purpose of facilitating the links and business interaction between Iranian and European corporates& institutions. We have prepared a unique atmosphere for temporary office establishment, Virtual Offices, Conference& Meeting Rooms, Counsel Groups and Advisors to provide insight to your plans, with up- to- date equipment and services, to help you focus on the target of your business in a reliable Business Center.

IEBC not only provides companies with smooth business accommodation, but that we are providing first hand counsel and value added services to our members. In this respect, we are trying to fill in the gap for reliable information, data analysis and solid information in targeted industries. We will act as a monitoring team for our members, with a professional focus.

Flexible rental offices, Swift access to updates in business environment of Iran, Business analysis, circular letters, specific service arrangements, VIP receptions, fast track reservations and landing visas, are just among many services, we are trained to provide at the highest quality.

Our Mission

The IEBC team of policy makers and managers have focused the vision of the center on, “Bringing the Bilateral relations of Euro- Iran to glorious days and go beyond. ” Mainly with four major missions on the plans:

  • Facilitating Euro- Iranian Industrial& Commercial Deals
  • Developing a reliable atmosphere for knowledge transfer& foreign investment attraction
  • Laying a convenient& safe platform for Export& Import of Products and Services
  • Extending Euro- Iranian cooperation and opportunities to the international level

Our Focus

Accessing fresh data and reliable sources, as well as scouting for new opportunities, is of priority to most developing companies. For specific markets and territories, managers face the usual challenge of having quick access to key updates, rules and regulations, following a certain routine for meeting up with the decision makers or even receiving timely- efficient tenders and projects’ information. We are addressing these challenges with our vast network and experience in public relations with almost each and every one of the key officials and organizations.

At IEBC- Berlin, the activities are focused on 3 groups of potential Clients:

1. European Corporates& institutes

By providing Updated news and information from reliable sources, hints on investment opportunities, data mining and market study, relaying tenders and new projects to targeted clients. For further services, we are proving accommodation, temporary office, visa and VIP services.

2. Iranian Entities

By facilitating their connection and communication with the European corporates or business persons. Facilitating the matchup and providing a decent physical location for all business activities

3. Iranian Companies and Professionals Residing Around the world

By providing a priority for these unique entities to stay tuned with the latest developments of Iran and assisting in relaying their productive expertise.

IEBC Focused Fields 

There is a specific attention towards Iran-Europe Cooperation and business activities since it covers almost every single field of industry available. However, IEBC is currently more focused on the below activities, considering the available capacities and being alert on the potentials:

  • Mines and Mining Industries
  • Oil & Gas
  • Industries & Machinery
  • Petrochemicals
  • Water, Electricity, Renewable Energies
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Health & Environment
  • Information & Communication Technology
  • Agriculture & Nutrition Industries
  • Health, Medicine & Medical's Equipment
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Investment & Finance
  • Tourism Industry
  • Sales & Marketing Engineering
  • Housing & Urbanism

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