Business Consultancy with IEBC

IEBC has a unique experience and back ground in realizing the potential and monitoring the Iranian companies and organizations .We have worked closely, for many years, with Iranian Companies in different segments and levels, both private and government sections. We have made successful business matches. IEBC is well connected to high ranking affiliates, sponsors and sister companies, expert and well-known in a diverse range of industries .These services for European companies would cover from starting your business in Iran, sourcing partners, market research and study , company registration, addressing legal matters, or simply monitoring different opportunities, tenders or projects. IEBC will bring speed, accuracy and efficiency to your business plans.

Free General Advice

For our Members, we are prepared to provide general and basic information about the major topics including how to register a company, how to hire legal services, what points to pay attention to and the general tax and insurance rules and regulations.

Market Study & Research

For your creation or development of business in Iran (or Europe) and as an essential step, you may require our Market Research and Analysis. Fact & Numbers to prepare your marketing or business plan. This comes extremely into attention, specially in an environment, where the existing information could be unreliable.

Professional Counsel

In some key activities and major fields, we have our own EXPERT(s) to provide you with dedicated, well proven and reliable professional business and legal data. The ones that could shake your business if missed and put you years ahead of competition if carefully observed and applied.

Business Matchmaking

From finding a SOURCE or VENDOR to assessing the situation and securing a reliable and trustworthy AGENT, there comes IEBC with its experienced team of scouts, who will make arrangements, find your counterpart, make sure about their reliability and background and bring them to a negotiation table for a final agreement.

Legal Advice

In case as our client or member you would need a Lawyer or Attorney at Law for any business or personal affair in Iran, we will provide you with the top individual or law-firms and make sure they are experienced and famed in your field of subject.

Monitoring Business Opportunities

When you sign this deal with IEBC, we will monitor the business Opportunities for you. Dive in the pool of opportunities to grab the best counterparts. Monitor the Project and the tenders to create a lucrative business for you.


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