Free Trade Zones

The List & Map of Iran Free Zones Area:


Kish Free Zone

Authority: Kish Free Zone Organization
Tehran office: No.3, Kish Alley, Haghani Intersection, Africa Expressway,Tehran 15188, I.R IRAN
Tel.: (021) 8777085, (021) 8777086 ,Fax.: (021) 8882314
Local Office: Tel.: (076444) 221412,22675,22841,Fax.: (076444) 22683, (076444) 23594, (076444) 22581

Kish Free Zone (www.kishfreezone.org)
Kish free Zone (www.kfzo.org)
Kish Free Zone(www.kfzo.com)
CyberKish (www.cyberkish.com)
Kish Health (www.kishhealth.info)
Kish University (www.kishuniv.com)
Kish Trading Union League (www.kishtul.com)
Telecommunication Kish Co.(www.tkckish.com)

Qeshm Free Zone

Authority: Qeshm Free Zone Organization
Tehran Office: No.25, Shahid Mirza Hassani Alley, Ghaem Magham Farahani Ave.,Tehran 15867, I.R.IRAN
Tel.: (021) 8721859 ,(021) 8724870, (021) 8724871,(021) 8724872,Fax.: (021) 8724874
Local Office: Tel.: (0763) 5225930-39,5224120, 5227844 , Fax.: (0763) 5225338, 5224093
Websites: www.qeshm.ir

Chabahar Free Zone

Authority: Chabahar Free Zone Organization
Tehran Office: No.15, Sattari Blvd., Africa Expressway, Tehran 19689,I.R.IRAN
Tel.: (021) 8796768, (021) 8796780,Fax.: (021) 8782903
Local Office: Tel.: (0545444) 21445-7 , Fax.: (0545444) 2237
Chabahar Free zone (www.chabaharfz.com)
University of Chabahar (www.iuc.ac.ir)

Anzali Free Zone

Authority: Ports and Shipping Organization
Head office: Ports and Shipping General Directorate, Bandar Anzali, 43154 Iran.
Tel.: (0181)34505-7
Fax: (0181) 34802
surface area: 30 ha

Aras Free Zone

Authority: Jolfa Development Company
Head office: Tabriz- No. 282- Jolfa Economic Zone bldg.- Shahid Beheshti st.
Tel.: (0411) 5233828-29,31
Fax: (0411)5234586
Local office: Tel.: (492302) 4001-2 Fax: (492302) 3033
Website: www.jolfa.org
E.Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Arvand Free Zone

Authority: Arvand Free Zone Organization
Address: 4 th floor , No 143, 29 th Allay, Khaled Eslamboli Ave.,Tehran 1516613313, Iran.
Tel.:(021) 88883040-88889505
Fax: (021)88880900
Local office: Helall Ahmar Building, Beraim, Abadan 63136 Iran.
Tel.: (0631) 3334017-3334018 Fax: (0631) 3331120
Website: www.arvandfreezone.ir

Incentives and advantages for investment in Trade-Industrial Free Zones

  1. Tax exemption for 20 years from the date of operation for all economic activities
  2. Foreign investment and nearly a hundred percent of the amount invested.
  3. Freedom of entry and exit of capital and profits
  4. Protection and guarantees for foreign investments.
  5. Abolition of entry visas and easily issue of residence permits for foreigners.
  6. Facilitated regulation on labor relations, employment and social security.
  7. Transfer of part manufactured goods to the mainland without paying customs duties.
  8. Elimination of pay customs duties on imports from outside to the region and vice versa.
  9. Employing trained and skilled manpower in all different skill levels and professions.
  10. Utilization of raw materials, oil and gas as feedstock and fuel for all industrial activities.

The list of the Trade-Industrial Free Zones of the Islamic Republic of Iran are as follows:

  1. Qeshm Trade-Industrial Free Zone
  2. Chabahar Trade-Industrial Free Zone
  3. Aras Trade-Industrial Free Zone
  4. Anzali Trade-Industrial Free Zone
  5. Arvand Trade-Industrial Free Zone
  6. Kish Trade-Industrial Free Zone
  7. Maku Trade-Industrial Free Zone

For more information the visitors may go to the website:  http://www.freezones.ir

Free zone Laws And Asminitration

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