Export Advantages

Huge potentials exist in Iran for the export of non-oil goods and services

Iran has an area of 1.6 million. sq. kms. Its population is estimated at some 64 million, 12 million of which live in the capital Tehran. Iran shares borders with Iraq, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It has coastlines along the Persian Gulf, the Caspian Sea, and the Sea of Oman.

Tax Exemption

1-Tax Bases and Rates

The Iranian tax system is divided into two general categories of direct and indirect taxes. The share of direct taxes from the total tax revenues is almost 68% currently. There are two major types of direct taxes including income taxes and property taxes.  Each category of direct taxes, in turn, is divided into sub-parts. Indirect taxes include taxes on imports and Value Added Tax (VAT). Taxes on imports are currently collected by the Iranian Customs and are not within the jurisdiction of INTA. Table 1 briefly shows various types of taxes in the Iranian taxation system.

Strategic Position

Islamic Republic of Iran with an area of 1،648،196 sq.km and nearly 76.03 million populations has been located in South- West Asia. The country neighbors with Turkey and Iraq in west, Afghanistan and Pakistan in East, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan in North and Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Oman in South through Persian Gulf and Oman Sea.

Free Trade Zones

The List & Map of Iran Free Zones Area:


Kish Free Zone

Authority: Kish Free Zone Organization
Tehran office: No.3, Kish Alley, Haghani Intersection, Africa Expressway,Tehran 15188, I.R IRAN
Tel.: (021) 8777085, (021) 8777086 ,Fax.: (021) 8882314
Local Office: Tel.: (076444) 221412,22675,22841,Fax.: (076444) 22683, (076444) 23594, (076444) 22581

Economic Advantages

  • The 18h largest economy in the world by purchasing power parity (ppp)
  • Consumption and the government plans billions of dollars worth of further investment to increase this share.
  • The diversified economy and broad industrial base with over 40 industries directly involved in the Tehran stock Exchange is the industrial base in the MENA region.

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