a means for Peace and Development not for war and conflict


    Literature, Poetry, and limpid lyrics of the great poets of the historic land of Iran have been known by the orientalists throughout the history, and has always been a source of inspiration for the cultures of the east and the west; so much that Goethe, the great German poet becomes fascinated by the poetry of the Hafez of Shiraz, and wrote the “West-Eastern Diwan” which connects the east and the west and describes his spiritual journey. Two hundred years has passed since the publication of this book, but it remains fresh and magical. Every reader wonders how after five hundred years, a man in Germany gets so much fascinated with the poetry of the great Iranian poet that he wishes to be a devotee amongst his many devotees.

    The common themes in the Diwans of both poets imply their devotion to peace, fraternity, engagement, and love. It is a proof that love and peace have no borders, and belong to all free and enlightened people.



    Davoud Ravasani

    I was born in a middle income family in the city of Tabriz in 1947. I spent my childhood in ‘Ravasan’; a beautiful and green village near Tabriz. My father was a carpet weaver and dyer and I was acquainted with the color and pattern and form of Iranian carpets. Undoubtedly, living in such a context and being surrounded by family and people who had a simple life but were rich in knowledge had a profound effect on me. During my youth, I studied in the carpet weaving factory and designed carpet patterns with utmost love and enthusiasm.  








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